In Dynamo midfielder arrives the red Star

In Dynamo midfielder arrives the red StarToday on a flight from Zagreb to Moscow will arrive footballer "the red Star" Vidak Bratich with his agent to negotiate with Dynamo. 26-year-old defensive midfielder growth 190 centimeters, up to this speaker in the "Vojvodina", last summer was already at the blue and white, so its capabilities are well known Viktor Prokopenko. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Beckham praised the work of Matteus

Beckham praised the work of MatteusAfter real Madrid had made in Belgrade only a draw against Partizan midfielder Spanish club and England captain David Beckham did not look upset: "Lothar Matthaus good and very hard working team. What goals were scored, of course bad, but a bit hampered not a very good state of the field. However, we got in Belgrade one point, retained the top spot in the group, and all together it pleases". Comparing Partizan with other clubs-group opponents, Beckham said that the main difference is that Belgrade is the main character not on the field, and beyond it is Lothar Matthaus. Real Madrid scored 10 points in 4 rounds of the group stage of the Champions League and advance secured a place in the 1/8 finals, because the French Marseille, ranking third in the group that scored only 3 points.. . Читать полностью -->

Smertin and véron will fight for a place in the first team Chelsea

Smertin and véron will fight for a place in the first team ChelseaThe Russian edition, as well as foreign, have your information on the so-called "list Abramovich". We are talking about upcoming buys a new owner of Chelsea.Edition of "Soviet sport" reports: "In the near future French club might leave Russian Alexey Smertin. The Russian national team player has already released his apartment in Bordeaux, and Roman Abramovich is waiting for him with open arms in Chelsea."Sport-Express" writes in the Saturday room: "As it became known "SE" from sources close to the "Manchester United", last night Chelsea agreed with "MJ" on the move to the London club of Argentine Juan Sebastian Verona.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Verone dropped out before the end of the season

Verone dropped out before the end of the seasonThe Argentina midfielder and Chelsea Juan Sebastian Veron is out of action for at least three months. Today in Argentina's La Plata, he underwent surgery on the vertebral discs of the back. Recall that this injury for two months did not allow Verona to enter the field. Thus, the head coach Claudio Ranieri can not count on the Argentine playmaker before the end of the season.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Rehhagel was wishful thinking

The Rehhagel was wishful thinkingThe head coach of the Greece coach Otto Rehhagel apparently decided that his team has already hit on the European championship 2004. At least he has asked the Federation to conclude the superiority of the country for 2 weeks later, so that the players do not have time to relax very much before the matches of the continental championship. And this despite the fact that the Greeks to win tickets to the championship still need to win against Northern Ireland, reports AP.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Italian League. Inter stalled again

The Italian League. Inter stalled again1:0 Muzzi, 5; 2:0 Inzaghi, 6; 2:1 Castroman, 12; 2:2 Laquinta, 89 1:0 Carbone, 3; 1:1 Di Biagio, 30; 2:1 Marchionni., 55; 2:2 Baggio, 69 0:1 Vignaroli, 15; 1:1 ze Maria, 72 pins. 1:0 Chiesa, 20; 1:1 Bucci, 28; 2:1 Vergassola, 42; 3:1 Taddei, 44; 3:2 Rapaić, 5822:30 Juventus - Milan. . . . Читать полностью -->

Spikelets: next year the Commonwealth Cup may not happen

Spikelets: next year the Commonwealth Cup may not happenThe RFU President Vyacheslav Koloskov gave an interview to the newspaper "Vremya Novostey", in which he assessed taking place now in Moscow the Cup of Commonwealth."To deny that the interest in the tournament falls, silly. We hoped that if the so called top teams - CSKA and FC Dynamo Kyiv - will expose the main squads, to the Commonwealth Cup will be treated differently. But CSKA President explained that the team has a new coach, in whose preparation plans our tournament does not fit. In turn, Dynamo, looking at his team changed its initial decision to make the strongest structure. As for some steps, the RFU were relevant ideas. For example, games in four groups of this Commonwealth Cup we proposed in four different countries, and then the playoffs in Moscow. Читать полностью -->

The Champions League. 3rd qualifying round. Return matches

The Champions League. 3rd qualifying round. Return matches1:0 Ashvetia, 20; 2:0 Ashvetia, 4521:30 CSKA SF - Galatasaray:05 FC Copenhagen - CH.Rangers:30 AEK - Grasshopper:30 Ajax - Grazer AK:30 Borussia Dortmund - Brugge:45 Dinamo Zagreb - Dynamo Kiev:45 Newcastle - Partisan:45 Celtic - MTC:45 Slavia Praha - Celta:50 Marseille Austria:55 Benfica - Lazio. . . . Читать полностью -->

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